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"unbearable... this place stinks...
i need to get out of here.
the boat is waiting for me."

The Guilt and the Shadow is a "short story exploration game" about the past, death, illness and the thin line between life and insanity. A 2D puzzle platformer inspired by the old point and click games.

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Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

TGATS mac v1.20.7z 397 MB
TGATS win v1.20.7z 378 MB

Download demo

TGATS Prologue macV1.0.zip 76 MB
TGATS Prologue winV1.0.zip 103 MB


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Gorgeous visual style, and a really interesting approach to grief! Thanks for all the hard work!

Quite a grim experiment, but the research goal is significant.

The soul wanders in the dark in search of a cure (or oblivion?).

Themed puzzles, the search for pills, endless staircases, cute conversations with a doctor, distorted sketches of consciousness and statues of mechanical birds - an impression in the Gothic style.

Passed in Steam. An ambiguous impression leaves after the end of the game. The boat is found, but this is not a happy ending.

PS: Played the first day - even more stairs, a music puzzle, a visit to the doctor. The style and graphics are great.
"Weevil" came for a short time and locked his demons in cages, promising to return in full embodiment.

Similar problems to the above: I got this with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, downloaded the TGATS winV1.12.7z file. When I try opening the game, the Unity logo appears and then the game force closes itself. I am using Windows 10 Home.

inside "TGATSwin_Data" you will find an "output_log.txt". can you please send it to me at oophok (at) gmail

hello, i am running mac os catalina ver 10.15.4 and when i tried opening the game it says developer needs to update, I downloaded the game v112 for mac

hey, unfortunately macOS Catalina doesn't run 32bit apps anymore ;(

I got this with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality but without a steam key I'm wondering what the download is actually for? When I open it it shows some credits then force closes


hey, what version did you download and what OS are you running?

I downloaded v112, and I have windows 10

can you verify if you have a readme.txt file in the same folder as the game's .exe ? if not, please download the file again, I updated it with a fix.

There isn't, I'll download the file again and let you know if it works.

It fully loads now, thank you for your assistance!